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Fa La La Through The Forest Scavenger Hunt

Wed, December 21, 2022

Follow the ornaments with clues through the park to obtain your prize ending!

There are ornaments hidden around the park!  Follow the clues to find each ornament that will lead you to the next until you get to the final clue that leads you to the prize! 

Fun for the whole family!  Some ornaments may lead you down trails so be prepared hike a little!

An easy, go at your own pace activity!

To start off go to Bastrop State Park Headquarters building and find the first ornament with the first clue!

You will need to take a picture of each clue or write it down, as you will not be able to take the clue with you!

You will need to bring a trail map and a facilities map with you to help you find your way!

Happy hunting!

Remember to bring your camera, park maps and have fun!

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