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Night Sky Photography

8:00p to 11:00p
Sat, August 03, 2019
Jason Schooley
(903) 583-5022

Join Us for a Night Sky Photography Workshop

Park Volunteer, Mr. Burns, will share his tips and tricks on how to get the best photos of the Milky Way!  Please meet at the west end of the dam.

Please bring your own equipment for this workshop. The following is a list of items that are suggested, however, bring what you have and learn how to use it for night skies photography.


  • The studier the better. A stiff breeze is enough to add vibration to long exposure shots on lightweight tripods.


  • Full frame or crop sensor.

Shutter release

  • Wired or wireless. This is not a requirement but since we will be using slow shutter speeds, a shutter release will help minimize vibration in the camera.


  • A fast, wide angle lens (low f-stop, f/2.8 for example). You can use a lens with a larger f-stop number, but it will become challenging to gather enough light.
  • If you are using a full frame camera, a lens with a focal length of 24mm or less will work.
  • If you are using a crop frame camera, you will want a lens with a focal length of 15mm or less

Entrance fees are required. $4/ person 13 years old and older, 12 and younger are free.

Please use the self-pay station at the park office to make your payment.