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Eco-Explorers, Wildlife and Science in the Park

9:45a to 11:45a
Thu, July 07, 2022
Montse Canedo
(979) 553-5123

Brazos Bend will be offering Eco-Explorer programs six Thursday mornings from June 2 through July 7. Come learn about particular groups of wildlife, craft something related to the day's topic, and fun science experiments, too!

Join us at the Nature Center for Eco-Explorers, Wildlife and Science in the park! These programs are geared towards elementary school-aged kiddos but can be fun for the whole family. We'll learn about the animal, make a craft related to it, and do a fun experiment too!

June 2 - BIRDS and Owl Pellets: Learn interesting facts about birds as you hike on Elm Lake. See why different birds have different shaped beaks and how they use them. We'll be making owl puppets and taking apart owl pellets to see what they've been eating!

June 9 - PREDATOR and PREY: This day we will be learning how to tell what a animal likes to eat! Play "Predator and Prey" with us to learn even more about these animals, and we will be using sound to learn how bats use echo-location to catch their prey.

June 16 - REPTILES at the Park: Many people come to our park to see the stars, Alligators! But we will also be talking about snakes too! For crafts we will be making alligator puppets and beaded snakes. Using air as fuel we will be making rockets and jets, anyone up for a paper airplane contest?

June 23 - POND LIFE: Explore with us what floats and what sinks. Do liquids have different weights? Which solids float or sink? What's lurking in the water besides the fish? We will look at these living creatures under the microscope. For our craft of the day we will be making a jeweled dragonfly. 

June 30 - INSECTS: Come explore the skin of water with us! We will see how water makes a skin through some fun experiments. The Master Gardeners will present the world of insects as we rotate through their various stations. We will make an edible insect for a snack, and some coffee filter butterflies for our craft!  

July 7 - CAMOUFLAGE and COLOR: We will be exploring animals that use camouflage for protection. Explore which colored walking stick hides the best using its camouflage. We will make a newspaper animal and camouflage it on a page of the paper, match paint strips with leaves and flowers, and the make a mosaic picture of a plant!

We recommend making a reservation by reaching out to Montse Canedo. If we can't accommodate everyone, those with reservations have priority.