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Who Visited My Campsite?

10:00a to 11:00a
Thu, June 08, 2023
Charlie Ewing
(432) 426-3337, x301

Come learn how to identify campsite visitors based on the clues they leave behind.

Did a critter visit your campsite last night and leave any clues? Join rangers Kyrstin & Sacha to learn how to identify animals by what they leave behind - scat, footprints, or their sounds. This slide presentation lasts @ 1 hour.

Please register for this program by 4pm the day prior at the DMSP front office or call (432) 426-3337.


Meet: at the Interpretive Center

Bring: curiosity & questions

Cost: free for campers, Indian Lodge guests, or day users w/ permit - daily entrance fee is $6.00/adult, or free for the carload with Texas State Park Pass

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