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Birding Field Trip --Salineno, Falcon State Park, Roma Bluffs

5:00a to 2:00p
Fri, February 16, 2018
John Yochum
(956) 565-3919

Our birding program leaves the Park itself in a 15-passenger van, with a birding guide, a driver, and the pleasure of birding the Valley.

This, our westernmost trip of the year, must begin very early to arrive before dawn for the very real possibility of truly wild Muscovy Ducks, Red-billed Pigeons and White-collared Seedeaters on the Rio Grande!   Sitting with Merle and Lois and Michael at the world-famous Salineno feeders will be at the same time relaxing and startling with birds of every hue not only easily visible, but also very photogenic!  We will be hoping for some less-rare but no less-beautiful Black-throated Sparrows, Pyrrhuloxia, Roadrunners and Audubon's Orioles.  So many birds, so little time!

Please bring your own binoculars, snacks, sack lunch, field guides and other birding gear.   Designed for birders of all levels, this trip will be easily completed by the average person.  Remember that times are approximate although every effort will be made to be on time.

Your spot is not assured until you have paid.  We are limited to ten participants, $25 per person, payable with credit card only, and no snacks or lunch provided.

Meet in the Parking Lot at Estero.  The van will leave at 5:00am.  This trip has always been great fun over the years!