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Butterfly and Dragonfly Tours

10:30a to 11:45a
Fri, July 30, 2021
John Yochum
(956) 565-3919

Join us on a ranger-led tour through the park noting these beautiful insects, some found nowhere else but in South Texas.

Over 300 butterflies and 100 dragonflies fly in the Valley, usually unnoticed and unappreciated--until now! Join a knowledgeable ranger as we seek out these natural wonders, some unique and found in the United States only in South Texas.

We've been having Butterfly Tours every Friday for the fifteen years Estero has been in existence.  Unfortunately Covid and then the Big Freeze hit.  We are beginning again with extremely few butterflies surviving the cold blast.  Until they replenish themselves, we'll concentrate mostly on dragonflies.

Free with park entry: $5 for adults, free for children 12-and-under.