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Edible Insect Hike

2:30p to 3:30p
Sat, April 20, 2019
Lisa Reznicek
(409) 737-1222

Have you ever eaten a bug,.....on purpose?

Are you ready to ramp up the "ick" factor and expand you epicurean boundaries?

Park ranger holding can of labeled "chocolate-covered superworms"

We've got a family-friendly, informative, edible insect program which explores a short prairie trail and allows participants to enjoy some high-quality food along the path. Over 2 billion people world-wide delight in a diet of insects, so why haven't you considered it?

Join Ranger Lisa at the Nature Center before we survey the prairie for insect friends, and taste some spicy antennae, a crunchy leg, or twitching member of the phylum arthropoda.

 graphic of smiley face with bug silhouetted in its mouth

Where: Nature Center
Who: Park Ranger Lisa Reznicek is inviting everyone to join

Before you can join us:
• Park entry fee paid before joining the event
• All children must be accompanied by an adult

What to expect:
• Great family fun for all ages.
• Prepare for outdoor,  physical activity (.25 mile hike)
• 1 hour program of games, activities, and short hike
• Restrooms available
• Camera-worthy shots of insect eating!