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Turtle Patrol

6:00p to 7:00p
Fri, June 21, 2019
Lisa Reznicek
409) 737-1222

A sunset hike with sea turtle conservation fun and games.

Do you love sea turtles? too!

Citizen scientists like you are needed for turtle patrol and hike.

During the warm nesting season, park rangers conserve habitat, eliminate trash, and patrol the beaches for critters. We need you to help our endangered sea turtles and join us.

volunteers gathering turtle eggsYou can become a citizen scientist, and help the park to understand more about the Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle, an endangered species that nests Galveston Island State Park. We will take a stroll down the beach and explore ways to help the environment.

We will meet at the day use picnic area and begin a short hike down the beach and through the dunes, patrolling for turtles on this easy, beach hike. Families, groups, and pets on a leash are welcome.

Where: Day use picnic area to begin

Who: Park Ranger Lisa Reznicek is inviting everyone to join

Before you can join us:
• Park entry fee paid before trip (park permit on vehicle)
• All children must be accompanied by an adult

What to expect:
• Great family fun for all ages.
• Prepared for physical activity
• Small group instruction and guide
• 1 hour program of games, activities, and short hike
• Restrooms available
• Camera-worthy shots of a great Texas beach
NOTE: sea turtles may not be present on the beach during our event, but we need your help to look for them.

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