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Pioneer and Settler Day!

Join us for a settler/pioneer themed day at the park. We will feature different programs starting at 10:00am that cover how people lived and worked in the pioneer era.

Join us for our first Pioneer and Settler day here at Lake Livingston State Park. Programs will focus on the lives of the pioneers who explored and settled here in Texas. 

Programs include:

Fire is Living History

10:00am at the park Amphitheater near the park store

Learn about primitive fire starting methods such as the bow-drill and flint and steel. Rangers will cover fire safety, fire as a survival tool, and demonstrate various primitive methods.

Products of the Pine Tree

1:30pm at the park Amphitheater near the park store

Watch as rangers make and discuss the products produced from the pine tree such as pitch, tar, turpentine, and rosin using mostly historical methods in this educational program.  We will also make charcoal and hand out pieces of charcoal and paper to anyone who wants to draw during the program.

Campfire Cooking

3:00 pm at the park Amphitheater near the park store

Watch as rangers use a Dutch oven to make some of our favorite meals from Texas history. These meals are the same settlers and civil war soldiers ate during the 18th/19th century. We will demonstrate how to cook them and share samples. Bring a chair, utensils, and plate.