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"Giving Giant Cane Some Tough Love" Service Project

Join State Park Ambassador Laura Neu in managing the non-native invasive species (NNIS) giant cane.

Giant reed, Arundo donax, is a non-native invasive species (NNIS) of plant that is capable of creating tremendous ecological damage.  As stewards of the natural and cultural resources of state parks and natural areas, managing NNIS is core mission work.

Join State Park Ambassador Laura Neu in delivering some tough love to a couple of giant cane stands in the Birch Creek Unit of Lake Somerville State Park from 9 a.m. until noon on Saturday, February 18th.  This project will help to protect habitat for native plants, preserve water quantity and quality, contbute to shoreline stability and minimize habitat for other NNIS.

Participants should wear close-toed shoes and bring leather work gloves and adequate drinking water for performing rigorous outdoor work.

Click this link to register for this service project.

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