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Bat Walk

8:00p to 9:00p
Fri, September 02, 2022
Chris Dooley

Join a Park Ranger to search for bats by sight and sound!

Lets be honest; bats are some of the weirdest animals in Texas. 

They're tiny little mammals that fly using giant hands as wings.   They hunt for their prey using the echoes of their high-pitched squeaks.  They spend their days smooshed together in a cave with tens of millions of their fellow bats and every night they emerge in a living tornado to hunt down and eat tons of mosquitos, moths, and other insects.  Strange as they are, Texas nights would not be the same without them.

Join a Park Ranger for a walk though Lockhart State Park as we watch and listen for these furry fliers while they do their nightly work. 

Meet at the Park Headquarters.  Please wear close-toed shoes, and bring water and a flashlight.