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Beaver Tails

7:00p to 8:00p
Sat, October 02, 2021
Chris Dooley
(512) 398-3479

Join us for a look at what makes these tree-munching mammals so special!

Join a park ranger for a quick discussion about beavers before we walk down the golf cart path to look for signs of our furry residents! Learn why beavers build dams, how they cut down trees (spoiler: really, REALLY strong teeth), and how they can survive in freezing-cold water! 

Where to meet:  Meet at the Park HQ. 

What to wear:  Comfortable outdoor clothes, close-toed shoes/boots.  Dress for the weather; we'll be outside.

What to bring:  Water to drink, if needed, and a flashlight for observing wildlife (beavers, deer, armadillos, and whatever else we may see!)