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Jack-O-Lantern Display

Sat, October 31, 2020
HQ Office Staff
(409) 384-5231

Display your Jack-O-Lantern at the park.

Jack-o-lanterns displayed near park HQ

Help bring the Halloween spirit to the park by putting your Jack-O-Lantern on display for everyone to see.  Carve or paint your own pumpkin and bring it to park headquarters to show it off.  We will put your creation along with those made by park staff around headquarters for the enjoyment of all.  Pumpkins are not provided.  Pumpkins can be bought at local merchants or brought from home.  You can leave your Jack-O-Lantern at the park to be on display thru Halloween or you can pick it up before you leave so you can show it off at your home. 

Jack-o-lanterns glowing at night.