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***EVENT CANCELED DUE TO WEATHER*** The Atlatl - Ancient Spear Throwing

11:00a to 1:00p
Sat, November 27, 2021
Lauren Sweat
(512) 243-1643

***EVENT CANCELED DUE TO WEATHER*** Come learn how to throw an ancient spear!

The atlatl, or spear-thrower, is an ancient hunting weapon that pre-dates the bow and arrow. Come learn about the atlatl and try it out for yourself!

  • Meet: The Atlatl Field next to the cabin restrooms. Please park in the restroom parking area and not at the cabins, on the road, or in the grass.
  • Age: Atlatl is best for ages 8 and up (the dart is about five feet in length and very young explorers are not large enough for atlatl yet), but all ages are welcome! 

All programs are FREE after paid park admission, which is $6 per person ages 13 and over.
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