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Oawesome Opossums

1:30p to 2:00p
Sat, August 17, 2019
Jared Shamburger

Learn how our ugliest neighbors help keep us comfortable and safe…

“Beady eyes”, sharped toothed snouts, and long hairless tails… many folks have no love for the opossum. Come join us and learn why you might appreciate them more than you know.

  • Opossums are actually oawesome! From the pests they eat, to how they care for their young, to their overly dramatic acting, opossums might earn you respect and maybe even your admiration surprisingly quick!
  • Hear the real truth behind these strange marsupials, where they fit into the ecosystem of the Pineywoods, and why they don’t deserve the bad rap they get.
  • Even the creepiest critters can be beautiful in how perfectly they fit into our forest!

Participants should bring water, appropriate clothing and footwear for the park, and an open mind!

Meet at the Visitors Center!

***Attendance to this event is open to the public and free AFTER regular day use or camping fees.