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The Scary but True Story of the Skugg

2:00p to 3:00p
Sat, October 26, 2019
Jared Shamburger

Halloween is coming up, but who knew squirrels could be so dang scary?!

Squirrels… cuddly, cute, fuzzy, and VICIOUS! Come gather around the campfire to hear about the more sinister side of everyone’s favorite rodent.

- In early America squirrels were often called Skuggs. Does this sound too mean? Well… some surprising facts might make this gruff name sound more fitting for these secretly ferocious furballs.

- Squirrels love seeds, mushrooms, acorns, and tree nuts. Thanks to their hoarding, they plant thousands of trees every year. But… squirrels aren’t just the happy go lucky vegans we view them as!

- We promise next time you see one of these chubby cheeked cherubs you won’t turn your back!

Bring water, appropriate clothing and footwear for the outdoors, mosquito spray, and be ready to never see squirrels the same way again…

Meet at the Amphitheater!

***Attendance to this event is open to the public and free AFTER regular day use or camping fees.