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Flint, Floods, Falls and Fossils

11:00a to 1:00p
Sat, September 15, 2018
Stephen Garmon
(830) 868-7304

Discover the secrets behind the wondrous Pedernales Falls!

Pedernales Falls is a beautiful geologic formation, but how did it form? Come learn the secrets of the Falls at this table demonstration!

  • From the Main Falls parking lot, hike down to the Pedernales Falls Overlook. Our demonstration table will be set up there for two hours.
  • Please wear comfortable hiking clothing for very warm and very sunny weather at the Falls.
  • Bring plenty of water for yourself and any pets you bring.
  • The rocks at the Falls can heat up to over 130 degrees Fahrenheit in the sun. This can burn skin and paws alike with prolonged exposure. Be careful not to over heat or burn your pets.
  • Normal park entrance fees apply. No additional fee for attending event.