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Nature Journaling 101

2:00p to 3:00p
Sun, May 22, 2022
Stephen Garmon
(830) 868-7304

Learn how to become a Citizen Scientist in nature!


Nature Journaling is a way for you to not only keep an account of your trip, but also to help you focus on the tiny details behind all the beauty of the nature you encounter. Found a plant you don't recognize but want to know more about? Journal it! Do you want others to benefit from what you see on your hike? Journal it! You can even submit your journal entries, pictures, and videos to benefit scientific research as a citizen scientist!

All you need is your smart phone or computer and camera! 

To join in there are a few major ways you can participate:

  • Download both the app "Seek" and "iNaturalist"
    • There is a social aspect to iNaturalist so this may not be ideal for young children.
  • Download "Seek"
    • There is no social aspect to Seek, it is just a great, fun tool to use for all ages!
  • Bring a camera and make your own iNaturalist account online!
    • There is a social aspect to iNaturalist.


With these tools ready, email to register for this program! 

  • We'll meet at the Picnic area at the time and date marked above!
  • Child and dog friendly (dogs must be leashed)
  • Some hiking included but not over rough terrain.