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What creepy crawlies come out at night?

8:30p to 9:30p
Sat, June 17, 2017
Kimberlie Ringham
(409) 971-2559, x 221.

Come join us for an informative night hike on the Gambusia Nature Trail to search out the wildlife that comes out after the sun goes down. You are likely to see birds, frogs, and eye shine of the American Alligators.

Be aware that you must bring cash if entering the park after 7:30pm for the self-pay station, the booth will closing before the start of the event.  The insects come out at night, so it is highly recommended to bring repellent.  The nature trail is a boardwalk that goes over the marsh: shoes must be worn. Drinking water and flashlight my be useful.  When entering the Park you will veer to the right, then left to go around the one way loop, taking a right at the stop sign will take you to the East Side of the Park, the Gambusia Nature trail head is on the left before you get to the beach.