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Fate Bell's Pictograph Shelter/Canyon Guided Walking Tour

Fri, July 03, 2020
Tanya Petruney
(432) 292-4464

For the month(s) of June, July and August the park will be offering one guided-only hike at 10am to go down into the canyon to view pictographs (ancient drawings) on Wednesday through Sunday. No tours are available on Monday and Tuesday. For more information to plan your visit, click on blue title (above) for FAQs. You must reserve tour tickets in advance online. Please note: there are designated trails for hiking and biking that park visitors may do on their own, no access into the canyon without guide.

Click here to reserve your spot on tour.

Do I need a guide to see the pictographs and why? Yes. The park provides an approved guide (either staff or docent) that leads the group of participants down into the canyon to view the pictographs. This is for your safety and protection of the park's natural and cultural resources.

What should I expect when I come to the park and the tour? Park visitors wishing to go on the guided tour should arrive about 20-30 minutes before the tour. This allows you plenty of time to go through our exhibits, and get ready for the tour to start promptly at 10 am. 

Tour fee: Children ages 4 and under are free, children ages five to 12 are $5.00 and ages 13 to adult are $8.00. No senior/military/park pass discounts can be applied for tour fee(s).

How long is the tour? Summer tours usually lasts about 60-90 minutes and is 1.5 miles long. We suggest the use of our bathroom facilities before the tour. 

Who can participate in the tour? Almost anyone. Participants should be in reasonably good health and physically able to walk down and up steep staircases. Guides will move at a comfortable pace and the group stays together (but still social distance from people not in your group).

What if I miss the tour? Guides cannot hold the group/tour to wait for late arrivals. If you arrive late you will not be able to join the tour.

What should I bring and wear? You will need drinking water, camera, batteries, and personal medications. During extreme hot temperatures, visitors have  found that silver-lined umbrellas/sunbrellas help provide mobile shade.

Clothing: Dress for the weather and seasons, long sleeved shirts/long pants in the summer helps shield the skin from the sun. Shoes: closed-toed shoes/sandals with good traction (hiking boots and athletic shoes).

When are tours cancelled and do they get rescheduled? All tours are considered pending daily, rapid changing and unpredictable weather is the major factor in the decision to cancel a tour, which include: extreme hot temperatures (98.F+), rain/wet conditions, lightning or other declared natural or man-made hazardous conditions. In the event of a cancellation, the tours are not rescheduled.


WHILE ON TOUR: THERE IS NO SMOKING (this includes vaping and  e-cigarettes), NO EATING OF FOOD AND NO PETS ALLOWED

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