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Upper Canyon Half-Day Guided Hike 01/07/2023

This guided-only hike takes you into the remote upper sections of Seminole Canyon boundaries to learn about the modern-day history of the park. Click title for more information and to reserve your spot on tour. NO PETS

Why is this a guided hike? This is for your safety and for protection of the cultural and natural resources. The park only supplies guide(s) for the hike; they and the park do not carry any of the participants' gear.

Who provides the guide(s)? The park provides an approved guide, either staff or docent. The guide(s) move at a comfortable pace and the group stays together.

Who can participate in this hike? Almost anyone, considered in good health, have an average/normal upper and lower-body strength, be comfortable with traversing uneven terrain, dense brush and good balance. This hike is very strenuous for small children and not suitable for strollers.

How long is the hike? This hike takes about 4 hours and is 2.5 miles in length.

Is there a set number of people allowed on the hike? Yes, there is a maximum of 15 participants.

Is there an age limit? Yes, ages 13-adult.

Can I bring my dog? No, pets are not allowed, for the safety of both your pet and the park's wildlife. This is a wild park, in which your pet will be in an unfamiliar environment, may panic, break away from your control, get lost and/or chase and hurt wildlife.

When can I register for this hike? Registering is permitted only 30 days before the hike date. 

Click here to reserve your spot on tour.

How much is this hike, how and when do I pay? The tour is $12.00 regardless of age and click on this link to open the online reservation system.

Please note the tour fee does not include the Park's daily entry fee that needs to be purchased with this tour.

When is the hike cancelled and will it get rescheduled? Rapid and changing severe weather is the major factor in the decision to cancel the hike which include: rain/wet conditions or other declared hazardous/unsafe activity.

What do I bring for the tour? You are responsible for yourself, bring snacks (time does not allow for a long break). and water.  Please plan accordingly to the current weather conditions and dress appropriately.