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Presa Canyon All-Day Guided Hike


Why is this a guided-only hike? This is for your safety and protection of the park's natural and cultural resources. Your safety and well-being is your responsibility,  you are expected to stay with the group and listen to the guide(s) instructions.

Who provides the guide(s) for the hike and where does it go? The park provides an approved guide (either staff or docent), leading the group into remote areas within the bottom of  both Seminole and Presa Canyons. 

What should be my physical condition be in for me to participate in this hike? You should have at least a normal to moderate upper and lower-body strength and be comfortable traversing through dense brush, uneven terrain, scrambling over large rocks, steep ascents/descents and good balance.

How long is the guided hike? This is about an 8-hour in time and about a 6.5-miles in length hike.

Is there an age limit? Please considered the time and length of this hike, other participants, your age/health, children's age/abilities. Past participants have noted that this hike is not suitable for young children (no strollers allowed). If you are under the age 18, a parent or legal guardian (adult designated by your parent to serve as a chaperone)  must actively accompany you on this hike.

*All adult and youth participants must sign a Release, Waiver and Indemnity Agreement before the start of the tour.

Is there a set number of people allowed on the hike? Yes, there is a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 24 participants. In the event that the minimum number is not reached 2 days from hike date, the hike will be canceled (you will be notified that Thursday) and in the event of over the maximum number, a waiting list will be started (registered participants are first on tour and walk-ins only if space allows).

When is the hike cancelled and do they get rescheduled? Rapid and changing severe weather is the major factor in the decision to cancel the hike which include: rain/wet conditions or other declared hazardous/unsafe activity. Advance notices maybe possible. In the event of a cancellation, hikes are not rescheduled.

Can I bring my dog? No pets of any kind. This is for your pet's safety, this is a wild park, which your pet while in this unfamiliar environment may possibly break away from your control, get lost, and/or chase and hurt the wildlife. 

How do I register for this particular guided hike? You will need to call Seminole Canyon State Park & Historic Site, specifically inform the park staff that you would like to have your name along with a current phone number/email put on the PRESA CANYON ALL-DAY GUIDED HIKE, FOR THE TOUR DATE ______. (Note, this tour does not include the Fate Bell Shelter)

When can I  register for this tour?  Registering is permitted only 30 days before a tour date, names are not taken any earlier and registration is usually stopped by the Thursday before that hike. Please only register yourself and  family/friend. Do not register an entire outdoor recreation group, each group member must call the park themselves.

How much is the tour, when and how do I pay? The tour is $25.00 per person regardless age and currently we can only take payment the day of that scheduled tour. You should arrive between 8-8:20 am at Headquarters Building, this gives you and park staff time to process appropriate fees (entry, camping and tour). The park accepts American-only currency, personal check, credit cards(except American Express). Additional park entry and camping fees may apply.

What do I need to bring for the hike? The park only supplies the tour guide, they do not carry any of the participants gear and/or medication. You are responsible for your own snacks/premade lunch and water. Be advised of the current weather conditions and dress appropriately.