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Grazing for Land, Livestock & Wildlife Benefits

11:00a to 12:00p
Tue, July 11, 2023


Rotational grazing is the practice of rotating livestock through multiple pastures to allow for sufficient periods of rest between grazing. This practice mimics the natural disturbance cycle that keeps our landscape healthy and flourishing for not only livestock, but wildlife as well.

How does rotational grazing benefit livestock, wildlife, and the plants they need?

Wildlife, like any other species, require certain elements in their habitat to survive. The continuous grazing of livestock on many of our rangelands have removed or greatly limited many of the food and cover species wildlife desperately need to survive. When livestock are rotated, each pasture is grazed intensely and then allowed to rest. This high intensity, low frequency use ensures diversity in the vegetative structure on the landscape and promotes the growth of preferred wildlife food.

This webinar will introduce the practice of rotational grazing and discuss the many factors and considerations landowners will come across when implementing this on their land.

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