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Hometown Greenery = Native Plants


Meet Anna
She loves the interesting plants on the ranch where she lives.

What's a native plant?

A native plant is a plant that has grown in an area on its own for a very long time. We usually think of a plant as native if it has been in an area before European settlers arrived and it grows there without extra help from people

We love native plants. Why?

Taking a Picture

Anna takes pictures of plants she finds.

  • Native plants provide food and shelter for wildlife and people.
  • Native plants are adapted to living in an area without a lot of outside help.
  • AND, native plants use less water!

What role do plants play in an ecosystem?

Bill Carr

Bill Carr with The Nature Conservancy shows Anna and others a toothache tree during a plant walk on the ranch.

Learn about biodiversity.


What are threats to native plants?

Plants that take over, called invasive plants, are a real problem for native plants. Invasive plants can be native to an area, or "exotic," meaning they came from outside. To learn more about exotic invasive plants and wildlife, re-read Alien Invaders Student Research Page. Watch Green Invaders by National Geographic Kids.

Spike hiking right

Looking at a plant

Anna found an unusual flower!

Take a Hike!

Investigate native plants where you live. Compare an area at different times of year. Do certain plants have flowers at different times of year? What about berries? Keep a picture journal to record your observations. You can either draw pictures or use a camera.

Resting by the river

Every good hike deserves some rest by the river! It was a good day finding native plants!

Spread the Joy!

How about planting native plants around your school? Or at a local nursing home? Or for a neighbor who could use some cheering up? Consider planting a butterfly garden of flowering native plants. Plan on watering the plants the first year or so, but after that, native wildflowers will need very little tending.


logo-Learn About TexasWhat's Native Near You?

Learn what native plants and wildlife belong in your part of Texas. Plus, find some fun outside games and arts and crafts! Learn about Texas

, y'all!

Have you ever listened to a plant?

Watch this fun video on different kinds of plants: