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Green Jay Color by Number

K - 2 Activity - Teacher Directions


The green jay has beautiful, vivid tropical plumage. It is found in the lower, southern portion of the South Texas Plains, known as "The Valley." The Valley is actually subtropical. Only Hawaii and the southern part of Florida is farther south than this region of Texas. The green jay is 13 inches long with a 15 inch wingspan. Both males and females have the same vivid coloring. They live in family groups. Green jays eat insects, fruit, and seeds. Learn more about the birds of South Texas by downloading the Learn About Texas Birds book, page 24. There are additional coloring pages in Color South Texas Animals and more about birds in Be a Bird Brain.



Copies of the color by number green jay
Crayons or markers


  1. Discuss the Texas green jay.
  2. Have students color the bird.

Additional Activities

Learn About Texas Birds Activity Book (PDF)

Have students cut out their birds after coloring. Create a “Palm Forest” on a bulletin board or wall by having children trace their hands on green paper and cut out the handprints to make palms. Tape or staple birds to palm branches.

Activity developed for TPWD by Vicki Almour.