Living the Wild Life

Submitted by Kathryn

I've been living and loving the wild life of Texas Parks & Wildlife since I began camping at them in the mid 1970s. Then when we moved to our 1+ acre of land in Parker County, I applied and received both the Wildscape certificate and the Backyard Wildlife Habitation certification from the National Wildlife Federation. We were "natives" before being "native" was cool and I've preached to and taught many others about the beauty and strength of planting native wildscapes instead of flowerbeds and converting lawns to wildscape areas.

We love the State parks and were annual members when we were able to camp more often. Since work prohibits many excursions of length, we now enjoy hikes at State parks when we're able. I've given website links and materials to newcomers and new friends, encouraging them "get out of town" and see the beauty that is Texas at its finest: our wonderful state parks. Now we look forward to retirement and being able to pick up where we left off with camping and fantastic stays. AND we always enjoy the television shows on PBS that Texas Parks & Wildlife produces. What else can I say? Our State parks and resources are "simply" the best!