Several Texas State Parks are closed due to Tropical Storm Harvey. See state park alerts.

State parks teardrops

Submitted by Charles de Kanter 

My feet are up, the campfire is just getting started, and my son is riding the loop to meet his new friends for the weekend. My daughter is looking for the s'mores fork to soften her marshmallow while my wife seasons the steaks which will soon be sizzling on the grill. Once again,we are at our favorite state park. Which one? Well, we have lots!

We love to camp, so much so that I now have my own trailer rental business. When I couldn't find any companies that rented small trailers that could be pulled by your average minivan, I knew it was time. Viola! Hitch and Go Adventures was born. My small teardrop trailers can be pulled by most small vehicles and are very popular with couples and small families.

Teardrops trailers were THE way to camp in the 40s and 50s. since most people didn't own large vehicles to pull large trailers. A place to sleep, a place to cook and a place to camp were all that were needed to get out and go camping. That simple approach to camping has returned and it has been great for me as well as my customers.

"Go to a state park!" I tell them. "You have bathrooms, shower houses, bird blinds, lakes, fishing, shade, campfires and tons of memories to make!"

In fact, I love our state park system so much that I offer my customers a discount when they go to a state park by donating their first night's fees to the park department. I even encourage them on my website to visit the many wonderful parks in our system by describing the many things our parks offer.

Is it obvious that my family loves our parks? You bet. We can't wait until the next time to go camping, which, coincidentally, is in two weeks!

So if you happen to be at Lake Livingston State Park the first weekend in April, and you are wondering about that cute little trailer parked next to the guy with his feet propped up, be sure to come on over and say hello... and grab me that s'mores fork, will ya?