Best day trout fishing

Submitted by Peg Guhlin

We visited Blanco State Park for the first time when my son was in elementary school. We were surprised at how much smaller it was than the state parks we usually visit. We arrived and checked in and the park ranger said they were about to stock the river with Rainbow Trout. We said we had not brought fishing gear. They had the tackle loaner program so we were in luck.

We fished with corn and other children started showing up and my son who usually does not fish, was having the best time. Soon my husband I stopped fishing, gave our loaner poles to some of the children and there was like 10 children, including my son fishing. My husband and I were walking back and forth on opposite sides of the bridge taking fish off, putting the corn on, replacing any tackle lost. It was the best.

We came home and my son returned to school and we had a parent teacher night. The journals and artwork and stuff hung on the school walls. My Son said his favorite place was Blanco. It really brought tears to my eyes. I love the outdoors, him not so much anymore. When he was little we always went camping, even when he was small enough to fit in a gallon bucket so i could get him clean. He did say he will go camping with me this year for Mother's Day.

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