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My Speck-tacular Day

 Submitted by Art Morris 


Art Morris and his Speckled TroutOne of my most memorable days was a chilly February morning in 1988. I was wade-fishing the lower Laguna Madre with a crew of fellow biologists from Palacios and Corpus Christi.  

The bite was slowing down a bit when I decided to respond to a more urgent call of nature. This was a decidedly complicated matter owing to the layers of clothes, waders and assorted other paraphernalia.

After I was put back together, I hurried back to the water. As I took the first step back into the bay, a clear sand pocket next to a raft of dead seagrass caught my attention. It was an unlikely spot: six inches deep at best, six feet from dry land.

The sudden swoosh of a fish attacking the plug caught my attention, stopping me dead in my tracks. But I was too impatient and set the hook on air. A quick retrieve back and a quicker cast back revealed nothing. Did I miss my chance? One more try.

As soon as the plug hit the water, the water exploded. Boom! Wait for it… wait… I waited to feel resistance. There, let her rip: paydirt! I had a career-best 8 lb 12 oz trout in six inches of water who put up a "speck"tacular fight.