Never thought I'd see mom fish

Submitted by Bryan Frazier

Bryan Frasier's mom fishing
When I was growing up, my mom never really had much of an interest in the outdoors, although she always encouraged my dad, brother and me to fish, hike and hunt. Outdoor adventures were just something "the boys" did.

But then I had a child of my own. Now "Mimi" and my son are big buds – so much so that she eagerly accompanied my five-year-old and me on a fishing trip to Colorado Bend State Park during the annual white bass run a few years ago.

It will forever be a special and memorable moment to have shared with my mom, whom I never thought I would see out on the water with a rod and reel, on her first fishing voyage with my young son. Fantastic trip.

By the way, Mimi held her own, and landed eight white bass.