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Port Aransas fishing

Submitted by Bob Brink

Fishing CPR: Catch, Photo, Release

Every year a group of us meet in Port Aransas on Mustang Island for the entire month of October. The fishing is great, the summer crowd has left and the area offers beautiful outdoor views. Wildlife and snowbirds from up north start their annual migration to this wonderful wintertime retreat.

The call it Red October for the redfish migration headed south. Over the month we will have 15-20 guests who join us for a few days on the water. They come from all walks of life and always ask if they will get invited back the next year.

If you haven't hooked up your rig and headed south to Rockport, Aransas Pass, or Port Aransas, you are missing out on some great fishing. Our only request is that you throw away that oversize tag you get with your license. Let the big ones live to breed and make more little redfish. The meat gets tough after they get over 30" in length anyway so why not let them live?
Be safe on the water and please follow the rules and don't litter. This is a pristine area and we want to keep it that way. Do your part to preserve this sanctuary.