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Children in nature

Submitted by Glenda Beasley

There have been many times that I have witnessed my child thriving in nature, making me aware of how important it is to keep him plugged in to fresh air, sunshine, water, trees, wildlife and wind.

As a very small child, he swam in a spring fed watering hole on our property in Austin. He used to sit on my lap on our porch and talk to "Mr. Moon." He had his first kiss at a dance at Garner State Park.

We have many stories about camping and glamping at Guadalupe River State Park, McKinney Falls, Bastrop, and Colorado Bend, to name a few. This picture was taken recently at Garner State Park, where a group of our friends meet annually to hike, sing, dance and swap lies around the campfire.  Life's better outside 'cause it makes you want to clown around with each other.

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