Helping our boys

Submitted by Tim Brown

I am the program director of a boys ranch called Pegasus School. Each year we plan many outdoor activities for our youth because of what they get out of being in the great outdoors. Traveling out to west Texas to see Ft.Davis and the McDonald observatory is one of our favorite trips.

But our twice-a-year fishing trip to Lake Bob Sandlin State Park is what we do the most. Local Game Warden Heath Taylor comes out and takes our guys fishing. Mr.Taylor has shown the true Texas Spirit in showing our boys, many who have never camped or fished, how to catch the heck out of the crappie.

I wrote this story to show our appreciation to Texas Parks and Wildlife for always being helpful and respectful to our youth wherever we go. And a big thanks to the programs that Game Wardens do to help these kids. They can never know the true impact that they have on our kids but I am here to tell you that it creates good memories for a lifetime.

Lake Bob Sandlin State Park
Lake Bob Sandlin State Park courtesy TPWD

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