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Spirit walk

Submitted by David Garcia

It's time to begin my "Spirit Walk," a journey guided by spirits of the Gods, nature, my ancestors and forces of goodness to guide me on a quest leaving the comforts of home and your tribe. I asked for the forces' presence to take me where I'm needed, where I must go.

Sometimes the quest is 1 to 2 years, finding yourself, finding peace, finding a closer connection to faith and nature. All this intertwined with a destiny to come back and be a respected tribal elder in the community.

I have left my home of Florida and travel as God sees fit and I help throughout the midwest sharing my love and doing for the communities as needed. I've decided to give up my work in the finance industry. I realized no amount of possessions will make me happy. A life's work with no name to leave behind as I am the last of my kind, the last of my lineage.

I started this quest 1/01/12 the supposed end of this era, the last year of humanity as we know it. As we know, this end did not happen and we are all still here. With that realization in mind, I started working on my novel as I travel the lovely landscapes of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Mississippi. The state and national treasures have been a guiding force and a way for me to reconnect and rejuvenate during this difficult quest I have undertaken.

Our lands across the U.S. are amazing, our home, our backyards. We must keep it safe and give back to Mother Earth. Bless all of you my fellow ambassadors, rangers and activists of nature. You are more important then you may help save our Earth. Keep up the great work and God bless you. 

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