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View from a park interpreter

Submitted by Craig Hensley, Park Interpreter at Guadalupe River State Park

Working with childrenAs a Park Interpreter, I have been blessed to work in a profession that provides me with a great deal of time outdoors. For me there is no better place to be. I am blessed to serve as a doorman of sorts, helping open the door for people to make their own discoveries of the beauty and wonder of the natural world.

I am reminded of this each time I see a child’s joy when a butterfly or dragonfly lands on his finger. When an inner city child hugs your leg following a program and says with all seriousness, “This is the best day of my life.” When mom or dad catches an insect and makes a true connection with their child. When I lead a fellow birder to a new bird for her Life List and I am rewarded with a joyful smile and handshake. We who work with Texas Parks and Wildlife have the opportunity to see firsthand why life is better outside.

Life is Indeed Better Outside: A Naturalist’s View

 Net waving overhead, butterfly captured,
Time stands still as upon her finger it perches,
Eyes bright smile broad off it flies,
Life is Better Outside.

 Feathers soft and delicate to the touch,
The chickadee rests in his palm,
Wings brush hand as joy touches his face,
Life is Better Outside.

 Under the stars of night a telescope gazes,
The light of Jupiter finds her eye,
An “oh my!” escapes without effort,
Life is Better Outside.

 Gathered together, the river below speaks,
Calls made, a patient wait when out of the darkness rings,
“Who cooks for you, who cooks for you all!”
Life is indeed Better Outside.

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