Introducing a whole new world

Submitted by Stephanie Greene

From the moment my mother met her now-husband ages ago, I have very fond memories of camping.  I didn’t know anything about camping until she met him. He introduced us to a whole new world outdoors that I will forever be grateful for. To this day we still laugh about some of the crazy things that happened or things that we experienced on our many, many trips.  

My favorite state park of all time is Caddo Lake because of the beauty I experienced while there--beauty I can still picture perfectly over 10 years later. I recently took my boyfriend there on our first camping trip together. He’s always been a pop-up-camper type of camper on the very few camping trips he experienced when younger, and he never stepped foot in a canoe. Caddo Lake got him hooked.  

We now have all of our own camping gear just like my parents used to have.  My 7-year-old really loves going camping with us and enjoys the time we spend out there. She also loves being able to eat s’mores directly after breakfast (hehe).  

“Trompin’” through the woods at all of the state parks is just breathtaking. Seeing all of the beautiful stars in the atmosphere so clearly really helps to just relax and soothe you. It’s wonderful to get away for a weekend and just forget about all of the hustle and bustle. I owe it all to my parents for introducing me and getting me hooked on this wonderful pastime. 


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