Learning from the past

Submitted by Randy Sanders

As a young father over 30 years ago, I continued a tradition started by my own father of taking my young children camping, frequently to Lake Whitney State Park. We spent many good times at the park and I thought I would make an impact on their lives.

As I grew older and the kids grew up, I began to see less of them and eventually they wandered completely out of my life. They both now have children (whom I have never seen) and they never contact me.

I do have memories of the good times we had. As a modern day 40 kind of guy, I have since bought an RV and put the tent away. I still frequent Lake Whitney State Park and absolutely love this facility. I have been a firefighter for 43 years and a police officer for 38 years. As I reached my later years of working, my goal was to work for that park, but, alas, I guess I am but an old man and they want folks with Bachelor's degrees. 

Anyway, even without kids and without getting to work for this park, I still keep going back. While I have visited numerous other state parks, I always go back to Lake Whitney because it is close to home. The staff has always been wonderful. I often read reviews of this park saying there is nothing to do at the park. I'm sorry, I thought camping at Lake Whitney was all a man needed.

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