Sunday walk to 'The Bridge'

Submitted by Lynn Seman

The weekend for me usually consists of going for a jog, riding my bike, catching up on school work and running errands that I have put off during the work week. The weekend seems to go by in a flash! But there is something about Sunday evenings…

This evening, I decided to go for a walk to “the bridge”. The bridge is about .5 miles down the access road from our house along a major interstate. The bridge is about the only little area of the wild nature that exists along this stretch of highway. Sometimes, if I am lucky, I will get a glimpse of some sort of wildlife such as a deer, snake, skunk, or the occasional coyote or bobcat down by the creek.

While walking this evening, the smells and sounds that I encountered made me remember back to around 40+ years ago. Tonight reminded me of summer days and evenings spent at Grandma’s house. Grandma and Grandpa lived in an old two story house that faced the highway on their farm. In the evening, all of us (my family of six), Grandma and Grandpa, and Aunt Rosa Le would sit outside on the concrete patio next to the storm cellar. The adults would be talking about events going on in the world, events going on in the country, or just whatever would come to mind. Grandma would surely say at one point in the evening, “Who wants a bowl of ice cream?” No doubt, that was the best bowl of ice cream that I can ever remember having! We kids would usually sit and listen or run around the yard chasing insects or the dogs, play with the old water pump by the front gate, or take a ride down the side of the road in the old toy wagon. Occasionally, we would get to see the cousins!

What a time! If the cousins came, we would usually go on a hike or down to the creek to see what we could find. I can remember one time getting into some trouble because we picked a ton of mulberries and tried to wash them in Grandma’s bathtub, which needless to say, left quite a purple stain in the tub! We also got many a red stain in our white socks from the red,dirt! While walking down to the “bridge” this evening, I could not help being reminded of those precious days spent outside in the past.

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