2009-2010 Spring Turkey (GTS) Hunts

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Spring Turkey (GTS)
Name of hunt area No. Hunt Days No. Hunt Periods Acreage No. of Applic. In Computer Drawing No. of Hunters (Desired) Total No. Permits Offered No. Hunters Who Paid for Permit No. of Standby Hunt Positions No. Standby Hunter Applicants No. of Standby Applicants Provided A Hunt Total No. Hunters Participating in Hunt Harvest No. Paid Hunters Who Did Not Show Percentage of Hunter Success Rate
TOTALS (9 Areas)421456,0862,23616116187844444100282628%
Walter Buck WMA31215558688566610010
James Daughtrey WMA31450025015155123384050
Gene Howe WMA9353942912424131088188344
Kerr WMA625500478323222955133916
Matador WMA622818329012127588155033
Pat Mayse WMA937900163303014231111183717
San Angelo SP6224541784040211933185628

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