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Summary of 2010-2011 Public Hunts by Special Permit Statistics

Summarymedia download(PDF 460.1 KB) Private Lands Hunts (PLE, PLA, PLP)media download(PDF 272 KB)
Alligator (ALE)media download(PDF 147.2 KB) Guided Hunts (BXX, DXX, GXX, SXX)media download(PDF 162.1 KB)
Archery Deer (ADE)media download(PDF 245.9 KB) Exotic Only (EXO) & Feral Hog (GFH)media download(PDF 226.8 KB)
Archery Mule Deer (AMD) & Crossbow Deer; Either Sex (CBE)media download(PDF 210.6 KB) Javelina (GJE) & Spring Turkey (GTS)media download(PDF 217.9 KB)
Archery Exotic Only (AEX) & Gun Pronghorn; Buck Only (GAE)media download(PDF 132.3 KB) Youth Only Alligator (YAL)media download(PDF 104.1 KB)
Gun Deer; Either Sex (GDE)media download(PDF 302.4 KB) Youth Only Gun Deer ; Either Sex (YDE)media download(PDF 416.8 KB)
Gun Deer; Antlerless/Spike (GDA)media download(PDF 277.3 KB) Youth Only Gun Deer; Antlerless Spike (YDA) & Management; Either Sex (YDM)media download(PDF 255.5 KB)
Gun Mule Deer (MDG) & Gun Deer; Management Either Sex (GDM)media download(PDF 227.6 KB) Youth Only Javelina (YJE)media download(PDF 115.4 KB)
Youth Only Exotic (YEX), Feral Hog (YFH), & Spring Turkey (YTS)media download(PDF 238.1 KB)

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