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Quail in Texas: Videos

Quail Quandry (TPWD)
The drought has taken a toll on all Texas wildlife but among the hardest hit is the bobwhite quail. Biologists say loss of native grassland habitat is the leading cause for the ongoing decline of the popular game bird but the drought is intensifying the problem.

The Quail Question (TPWD)
Bobwhite Quail populations have dwindled across the Southeastern United States, but what will become of quail in Texas? Here and elsewhere, it is a question of habitat.

Plant Succession and Quail (Texas Wildlife Association)
Dale Rollins explains the process of plant succession and how a management practice as common as discing can have a drastically different outcome performed in different months of the year.

Prescribed Burning for Quail (Texas Wildlife Association)
Dr. Dale Rollins discusses the benefits of prescribed burning as a quail habitat management tool.

Coping with Drought to Help Quail Populations (Texas Wildlife Association)
Texas is suffering from one of the worst droughts on record. Dr. Dale Rollins describes some ways to mitigate the lack of rain on quail population.

Softball Habitat Evaluation Technique (Texas Wildlife Association)
Dr. Dale Rollins evaluates quail habitat using the Softball Habitat Evaluation Technique.