Wildlife Research Definitions

Wildlife Research Defined

For grants offered under this program 'wildlife research' is defined as original systematic intensive study or focused investigation (i.e., the gathering and analysis of empirical data) that answers specific management questions and contributes to the scientific foundation of wildlife ecology or management. Its objectives are primarily designed to yield practical results, improve a specific conservation aspect or practice or solve identified management problems ('applied'). It differs from surveying and monitoring, habitat restoration, preservation or conservation in having explicit testable relevant hypotheses or models consistent with the Scientific Method. Surveillance monitoring, baseline surveys and descriptive studies not having clear relevant prior hypotheses or models to be tested are not the focus of this research program.

'Wildlife Research' must either be conducted within or be applicable to Texas by virtue of subject species distribution, consistent behaviors or population dynamics, ecology or movements (i.e. interstate or international migratory character).

Wildlife Defined

For grants offered under this program, 'wildlife' is defined as State of Texas protected indigenous wild mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and freshwater bivalve mollusks. It includes certain federal or state listed endangered, threatened or protected native plants and invertebrates or other species (i.e., mountain lions, coyotes, etc) for which legislative authority, control or investigation has been vested in the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD).