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Texas Amphibian Watch: Adopt-a-Frog Pond

If you have regular access to a wetland—ranging from a backyard ornamental pond to a river-bottom hunting lease—then you may want to participate by adopting your wetland for amphibian surveys. You have the option of conducting daytime monitoring for malformations or nighttime call surveys (or both!).

Nighttime Call Surveys
Several times throughout the year (the more the better!) you visit your wetland in the evening to listen for frog calls. You’ll record the species and their estimated abundance, as well as environmental conditions. By monitoring your wetland frequently we can gain information about the effects of weather and season on amphibian breeding in Texas. In addition, your data over many years could reveal trends in amphibian abundance and possibly ecosystem health.

Malformation Monitoring
One time per year you can make an effort to capture as many frogs, toads, and tadpoles as possible. By examining each animal and then releasing it, you will collect statistically useful information about the percent of malformed anurans at your site.

For details on how to Adopt-a-Pond, methodology, guidelines, and needed datasheets see the:
Adopt-a-Frog Pond Monitoring Packet | PDF

Several amphibians in Texas are listed as threatened or endangered (Federal and State Listed Amphibian Reptile Species of Texas). It is unlawful to capture these amphibians without a permit, although you may observe and photograph them. Regardless of the status of the amphibians, try to leave the animal and its habitat just as you found it.

Please respect the rights of private property owners during the course of your volunteer efforts. Legislation in Texas protects the rights of private property owners with regard to biological data that is collected on their property. The private Lands Access Request form will grant TPWD the right to store, summarize, and report data that you submit from private property. That information will be subject to Open Records Act requests. Do not trespass or report any data without permission. Read over the Rules of Frogging for more guidance on courtesy, ethics, and safety when working with amphibians.