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Texas Amphibian Watch: Texas Frog and Toad Survey

Ultimately we would love for you to become involved in the formal North American Amphibian Monitoring Program (NAAMP). As a NAAMP participant, you conduct a nocturnal frog-call count along a randomly-selected route in your area at least three times per year. The NAAMP counts consist of stops at 10 wetlands where you will listen for frog calls and record habitat and climatic conditions. Because the NAAMP surveys are standardized and designed with random sampling in mind, the data you collect along these routes can be combined with data from all over the country to recognize local, regional and national patterns of amphibian stability or decline. As you prepare to participate in NAAMP you can also set up a transect call count route in your own area. For details on how to conduct a Frog and Toad Survey, methodology, guidelines, and needed datasheets see the:

Texas Frog and Toad Survey Monitoring Packet | PDF