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Texas Horned Lizard Watch: Hometown Horned Toads Essay Project

Wanted: Student Researchers!

Child with Horned Lizards on her shirt

Where have all the Horned Toads gone? Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) is asking students to collect personal stories and do research about Texas Horned Lizards in their communities. Students can use the information they gather to write essays about their “hometown horned toads.” TPWD biologists hope student researchers and the memories they collect from community residents will help them determine how to help our Texas state reptile make a comeback.

In the past, Hometown Horned Toads has been offered as a contest for students; however, TPWD is now encouraging teachers and students to pursue this project at their own pace as a learning activity. Teachers can download the original contestant packets below for guidance and suggestions. Although no competitive prizes will be offered, TPWD continues to be very interested in receiving copies of essays and interview forms and will provide acknowledgement to all students who participate.