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Be a Nature Sleuth!

A sleuth is a detective. This activity will show you how biologists, park rangers and game wardens investigate plants, animals and their habitats.

What You Need:


Your challenge is to collect evidence of the items listed below just as a detective collects evidence about a crime. (Remember when you are in a state or national park you may not collect anything without permission.)

When you find evidence of an item listed below, describe it in the space provided and then describe where you found it.

Evidence Chart
Item Description Location
A trap    
A journey    
A cycle    
A baby    
A parent    
A predator    
A home    
A pair    
A worker    
Bonus Items:
A Success    
A Failure    
A Worker    
A Hideout    

Stuff to Think About:

  1. What tools did you use? What other tools could you have used?
  2. How would a different season make your investigation easier or harder?
  3. What did you see or hear today for the first time?
  4. What would you like to know more about?