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Make a Fiddler Crab

The fiddler crab has one large front claw or “pincer” to scare away predators. There is also one short claw in front. When it moves its large claw, it looks like it is playing a fiddle or violin. If the large claw breaks off, the small claw grows into a big claw and another small one grows in. The crab burrows into muddy beaches. It has a hard shell over its body and eight jointed legs. Fiddler crabs have brown shells.

What You Need:

Paper Plate Fiddler Crab


  1. Paint or color entire bottom of the paper plate brown.
  2. Trace 4 left legs, 3 right legs and 1 large claw.
  3. Paint or color the legs one large claw brown.
  4. Fold paper plate in half with white insides together.
  5. Staple closed around the edges several times.
  6. Cut out the legs and claw and staple or glue legs to the bottom of the “crab” body.
  7. Cut out eyes and “pop up” stands. Color a black pupil inside the white oval of the eye.
  8. Glue the “pop up” stands for the eyes on the top of the crab shell.
  9. Glue the oval eyes with black centers onto the “pop up” stands.

Additional Activities:

Create a “Coastal Landscape” on a bulletin board or in a box. Tape or staple your “fiddler crabs” to the landscape.