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Make a Tyrannosaurus Rex Puppet

Did you know dinosaurs once roamed Texas? The fossils of 17 different dinosaurs have been found in Texas, including the "King of the Dinosaurs," Tyrannosaurus Rex!

What You'll Need :


  1. Color the Tyrannasaurus rex templates with crayons or markers.
  2. Cut out the head and body.
  3. Glue just the top of the head to the bottom of the closed, folded brown paper bag. Glue only onto the flap that folds over. Leave the bottom of the head free, no glue.
  4. Glue the body part under the flap and down onto the main part of the bag.
  5. Put your hand into the bag with your fingers in the flap. Move your fingers and make T-Rex "speak" or "roar!"

Have a "Dinosaur Drama" with your puppets! What would Texas have been like long, long ago when the dinosaurs roamed?