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Big Bend

“Roadrunner Relay Race”

Can the roadrunners (predators) run faster than the rattlesnakes (prey)?

Roadrunners are very fast runners. They mostly eat insects and small rodents. They are fast enough to even catch and eat a rattlesnake without getting bitten!

What You Need :

Getting Ready:

  1. Pick half of you to be roadrunners and the other half to be rattlesnakes.
  2. Cut out a strip of paper for a headband for each child.
  3. Make feathers for the roadrunners and snakes for the rattlesnakes.
  4. Staple the feathers to the front of the headband.
  5. Staple the snake head to the front of the headband. Staple the rattler tail to the back of the headband.


  1. The snakes make one line and the roadrunners make another line beside them.
  2. Set a chair or homebase 50 feet in front of the first child in each line.
  3. The first child in each line will run and touch home then run back and tag the next person in line.
  4. Blow a whistle to begin relay race! Who will win? In real life, the roadrunners usually win. Roadrunners are fast enough to catch a rattlesnake. Will this be the outcome of this race?
  5. Continue the race two or more times. Play again another day!

Think About It!

What would happen if we didn't have roadrunners? If we didn't have snakes?