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Texas Gulf Coast

“Tidal Tongue Twisters”

Make up a Tongue Twister about Coastal Critters!

Have you ever heard the tongue twister "Sally sells seashells on the seashore?" The Gulf of Mexico has sea shells and lots of other living things. Can you make up a tongue twister about a Gulf Coast animal? There lots of wildlife to choose from, such as sea turtles, alligators, fiddler crabs, spoonbills and other birds, not to mention palm trees and the Rio Grande!


  1. Make up a tongue twister about a Gulf Coast wildlife.
  2. Challenge a friend to repeat the tongue twister. Who can say it five times fast?


The state seashell is seen on the seashore!

Remarkable reptiles repose on rugged rocks!

Sea turtles take time to travel thousands of miles!